Brent Carter

When one thinks of a DJ, they can see a photo of them and match their voice to the on-air talent. But, Brent Carter Victoria TX looks very different from your average on-air personality. He looks fun, like somebody everybody wants to know and hang out with. This is for very good reason, because Brent Carter is, “that guy.” The guy morning commuters can count on for a running commentary on today’s popular topics with a little hockey talk thrown in. Brent is the radio guy with a passion for anything, “Tex-Mex.” It may seem cliché considering everyone does in Texas. But, not everyone meets their radio partner over a good Tex Mex meal. Well, the “Wade and Carter Show” was born out of love for all things related to good food.

Brent Carter Victoria TX is now affectionately known around town as the other half of the, “Wade and Carter Show.” He was a little lost after sending his two daughters off to college. That is until he realized he had little time left with his remaining son. To Carter, family time is more important than ever. He now likes to spend off afternoons wingshooting with son. The time is precious because Carter’s son, Kyle is 17 and soon he too will be off to college. Although he doesn’t like to consider himself a sentimental man, he does spend time looking back nowadays. He remembers the first time he and Kyle went wingshooting, 12 seasons ago. Then it was no big deal, but now he looks back on those early days.

As a seasonal hunter, when Carter trained his son early on about the importance of firearm safety, it didn’t seem like a big deal. But, after witnessing some careless acts of disregard by other hunters, Brent Carter is glad that he did instill that in Kyle. Kyle is now an expert sportsman and handles firearms with the greatest of care. Brent does glow whenever someone compliments Kyle about his firearm awareness, because he is responsible for that. And Kyle is responsible for his joy now that he’s grown into a fine huntsman.

Since graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Brent Carter has been in Texas his entire work life. However, it wasn’t until he became an on-air personality, that he found his calling. Along with his sidekick and friend Wade, they like to keep things moving along for drivers on their commutes. Listeners in Victoria count on them for some early morning hilarity. When asked how they got started in radio, Wade and Carter offer little explanation except they started with nothing and made it into something. That “something” is now a “content driven media source.” What’s different is they present what’s really happening in the world of politics, sports and entertainment; but with a whole “lotta” infectious laughter and lighthearted humor. You never know where it’s going, but Wade and Carter do provide Victorian listeners with accurate content.